Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dance Dance Dance

Shall we dance~~

In memory of my dog - mou mou

Mou Mou died long time ago. It's sad I can't be with her till the end of her life.Sometimes I just think of her, forgot she is not there anymore.My tears will not come out, but my heart just feel a little bet pain. -- For Mou Mou. I miss you.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The sixth shoot

Let's try some foreign language! PART 2
  • What time is it? -- /shen thai gi dein/
  • It's 2 o'clock now. -- /shen thai lon dein/

hooo~ it's hard to use alphabet to pronounce Mandarin.

The fifth shoot

Let's try some foreign language!

  • How are you? -- /ni hau ma/

  • I'm fine. -- /wo hen hau/

The fourth shoot

Third shoot~~Hiiii~~HA >0<

Second shoot~~ready........GO ^.^

The word wrote on the upper left side of this paint. It's chinese, means "MOUNTAIN".

Hi~Everyone! Welcome to my junk yard~XD

Today is my second day of BLOG's life~So....Let's doing the junk things~~~c c c